In West Cradock, Portsmouth:

KPWR 4/23/18 11:02am EDT  ENE 3 G 8mph  10SM  Broken Clouds  67.7/50.0/53.0%/WCI MIN 48.2 at 3:34am EDT; SLP 30.382"  SLP trend past 3-hours Falling  SLP trend past hour -0.003" PKWND 14mph 10:28am EDT  P 0.00"  7 0.00" Daily MaxT 67.7 at 11:01am Daily MinT 48.7 at 3:34am EDT =

PWRS 4/23/18 11:02am EDT Wind ENE 3 gusting to 8mph Visibility 10 statute miles  Sky Clear  Temperature 67.7F Dew Point Temperature 50.0F Relative humidity 53.0% Wind Chill Index Minimum Temperature 48.2F at 3:34am EDT  Sea-level Pressure 30.382" Trend past 3-hours Falling  Trend past hour -0.003" Peak Wind 14mph at 10:28am EDT  Rainfall past hour 0.00"  Rainfall past 24-hours 0.00" Daily Maximum Temperature 67.7 at 11:01am Daily Minimum Temperature 48.7 at 3:34am EDT = | Email: Web:

In the expanded metar string above, mph denotes miles per hour, - in front of pressure change indicates a decreasing value, M denotes missing data

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