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Web Products and General Services


“We do a lot of little things very well.”



GENSERVA is a general services company that provides products for a wide variety of individuals, professionals, their


businesses and organizations, profit and non-profit.  Special emphasis is placed upon - but is not limited to - basic web design and


management.  And your ideas can be our ideas!  If you have a general services need, then please contact us to discuss how our


knowledge base might assist you!  Please note below the list of those services in which we are currently involved:



     Web design   We currently provide design, development, and maintenance of web sites for small to mid-size companies,

     individuals, and organizations who seek a basic but visible web presence.  Services include establishing and registering a web site,

     design, online product information, email, and site maintenance.  We keep very close contact with our customers to ensure their

     satisfaction.  Featured sites include Virginia Camellia Society and PWRS, pictured below.

The Virginia Camellia Society                                   Portsmouth Weather Records Service


     Virginia Camellia Society, Virginia                                           PWRS - Portsmouth, Virginia                                      

Web Site Design & Management Include:
  • The Fred Heutte Center
  • Hampton House Auctions
  • The USS John R. Pierce
  • Atlantic Auto Driving School - Norfolk, VA
  • The Atlantic Coast Observer Network - VA/NC/SC

  • Rockin' Through the Years




         Weather services  For many years, we have provided local weather data to the National Weather Service, broadcasters,

         lawyers, contractors, educators, and the general public via the print, broadcast, and Internet media.  Current consulting

         products include weather broadcasts for radio stations and specialized forecasts for travelers.



         Education  Our staff can provide assistance to educators who wish to maintain accurate records for grading purposes


         but have little time to do so themselves.



         Information technology  We provide assistance in the purchase and installation of software and advise computer operators

         on the proper use and maintenance of their personal computers.  If you have a problem and need a resolution, contact us and

         we’ll work together to resolve the issue.



    GENSERVA Web Products & General Services

    213 Derby Road

    Portsmouth, Virginia   23702-2017

    (757) 646-3859



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