The Urban Gardener Lecture Series - 2004

The Norfolk Foundation The Fred Heutte Center is pleased to continue its Urban Gardener Lecture Series for 2004. The series continues to be funded by a generous grant from The Norfolk Foundation.

We have gathered a variety of speakers who will provide expertise in different gardening-related fields. The series is geared for beginners and specialists. While the program is free for members of the Friends of Fred Heutte Foundation and members of the Master Gardeners Program, the cost for non-members is $ 5.00 per person. All lectures will be held at the Center.

2004 Programs in Review

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1PM & 3PM - Sunday, November 28th - Frances Thrash

Frances Thrash - Williamsburg Style Wreath - November 28th!

Williambsurg Style Wreath

Frances ThrashThis program has become a classic! Our "famous" Williamsburg Style Wreath decorates the Heutte Center during the December holidays and we have more requests for this program than any other. The beautiful wreath is handmade using various cedars and evergreens and is very aromatic! Bright clusters of fresh fruit and bright red ribbon add a classical and elegant decorative addition to your holiday doorway.
Participants should bring garden gloves, cutting shears, and a heavy duty staple gun if they have them. The class is free for Friends of Fred Heutte Fooundation members and Master Gardeners and $ 5.00 for non-members. Pre-registration and pre-payment of all fees are required. Cost of materials is $35.00 per person. Each class is limited to 12 participants.
10AM - Saturday, November 13th - Bill Smoot

Bill Smoot - Making A Copper Trellis at the Fred Heutte Center November 13th

Making A Copper Trellis

A beautiful copper trellis is an asset to any garden! Not only does it function as a trellis on wich vines can grow, but it has an additional feature of providing a tiled area for displaying your house address number! One-half inch copper tubing is used to make the trellis. It stands approximately 48 inches tall and will eventually weather to a lovely green patina color. Students will be supplied with all of the equipment required to make the trellis. Cost of the class and materials is $40.00 per person. Class is limited to six persons per class. An additional class will be scheduled if enough interest is shown.

7PM - Wednesday, October 27th - Bill Smoot

Bill Smoot Visits Sissinghurst Castle Garden at the Fred Heutte Center October 27th

A Visit to Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Sissinghurst Castle Garden is one of the most popular and highly visited gardens in Great Britain. Its unique restoration and layout has made it a "must see" garden for every gardener to visit! Harold Nicholson and wife Vita Sackville-West purchased the Sissinghurst Castle ruins in 1930 and developed part of the castle into their home. They then developed the rest of the ruins into a garden! Although only six acres in size, this impressive garden seems much larger due to the use of the ruins as rooms. Harold has carefully contrived vistas which criss-cross the garden and visually expand its size. Sissinghurst is world renowned for its Rose Garden & White Garden and FHC Board Member and Programs Chair Bill Smoot shares his photographs of that garden and all the Sissinghurst gardens from his visit there in 2002.

1PM - Saturday, October 23rd - Pamela J. Harper

Author Pamela J. Harper Speaks at the Fred Heutte Center October 23rd

Good Neighbors: Combining Perennials with Other Plants

Pamela Harper's life revolves around plants: reading, writing, lecturing, photographing, and working in her two sandy acres in Seaford, Virginia. Her published books include Perennials: How to Select, Grow, and Enjoy, now in its seventeenth printing, Designing with Perennials, and Color Echoes. Her new book, Time-Tested Plants - Thirty Years in a Four-Season Garden draws on her experience in growing plants in our local area. Pam has twice won awards from the Garden Writers Association of America and is the 1991 recipient of the Horticultural Writing Award of the American Horticultural Society.

Her program "Good Neighbors: Combining Perennials With Other Plants" was a topic specifically chosen for our area. In this program Ms. Harper discusses and illustrates how to combine perennials with other plants, such as vines, evergreens, shrubs, and annuals to produce stunning gardens. Although many of us have become hooked on that perennial border look, we severely limit ourselves by trying to achieve that look in a smaller garden setting. First, gardening space is at a premium, and many of these perennial borders utilize large perennials in the background which plays with proportion and depth. Also, by only using perennials in our gardens, we are excluding a large group of plants that can extend the color palate, form, and texture of our gardens. Ms Harper feels that this combining these good neighbor plants with perennials is a more effective way to highlight the smaller urban gardens that most of us have. After her program, light refreshments will be served and Ms Harper will be available for a book signing and to answer any of your gardening questions.

7PM - Wednesday, October 20th - Frances Thrash

Frances Thrash

Southern Living at Home - Decorating for the Holidays

Please note: This is not a grant funded urban gardener lecture.

Frances Thrash, consultant for Southern Living at Home, will present a program entitled "Southern Living at Home for the Holidays" on October 20, 2004. You will not only see (and touch!) the wonderfully high quality products from the pages of Southern Living Magazine, but also will learn how to use them, acquire ideas for decorating with them, and creating floral designs with many of them - all with the upcoming holidays in mind. You will be able to purchase many of the items and will certainly be inspired to decorate your home or garden beautifully with new enthusiasm for the holidays and everyday! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity not given before at the Heutte Center by our floral designer of the Williamsburg-style Christmas wreaths. You may view some of the items to be demonstrated at

7PM - Wednesday, October 13th - Susan French
Virginia Beach Environmental Horticulture Cooperative Extension Agent

Those Irritating Plants: Allergenic Plants in the Landscape

Although we may love gardening, there are some plants that we are better off to avoid. Some plants can cause respiratory distress, skin problems, and some are even poisonous! Virginia Beach Environmental Horticulture Cooperative Extension Agent, Susan French will discuss and teach us how to identify those irritating plants which can effect our health. Susan French graduated from Virginia Tech with a masters degree in horticulture. She has worked as an extension agent for the past two years and currently is the extension agent serving Virginia Beach. he was employed by Virginia Tech for 12 years as a research specialist in ornamental horticulture. Susan has experience in retail/wholesale nursery and greenhouse management. She also worked for 4 1/2 years in Africa on agricultural projects sponsored by the Peace Corps and United States Agency for International Development.

7PM - Wednesday, October 6th - Steve Urick

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Planting Bulbs Now for Spring Color

Your spring bulb bloom doesn't just have to be daffodils and tulips! Now you can add additional color, texture, and flower form to your spring garden. Steve Urick, Horticultural Education specialist from McDonald's Garden Center in Hampton, will show you how. In addition to the usual spring flowering bulbs, Steve will introduce us to others which do well in Tidewater gardens. He'll also give you tips on the proper planting of these bulbs. Several lucky gardeners will be taking packets of new bulbs home with them as door prizes!

11 AM - Saturday, October 2nd - Stephanie Huckestein

The Tranquil Shade Garden

A shade garden invites a feeling of peace and tranquility and can be a respite from intense heat of the summer sun. Stephanie Huckestein, Head Horticulturist at the Virginia Tech Horticulture Garden, will discuss a variety of topics associated with shade gardening. She'll talk about the degrees of shade, i.e., what does "part shade" really mean? She'll look at plant selections for different types of shade and moisture content. Because shade gardens give us a chance to explore a different side of the plant world other than the appeal of flowers, Stephanie will focus on such attributes as leaf texture, form, or leaf color in the shade garden. Site preparation and maintenance of a shade garden will also be discussed. Come and learn some great tips and get some wonderful plant ideas for your shade garden as we explore "The Tranquil Shade Garden."

7PM - Wednesday, September 22nd - Ruth Burch

Inviting Butterflies to Your Garden

It's hard to ignore those beautiful, delicate and colorful butterflies as they flitter from flower to flower. Butterflies a welcome sight in any garden, but like other guests they'll not return to your garden if you don't welcome them back. Ruth Burch, butterfly enthusiast and former President of the Butterfly Society of Virginia, shares her experiences of creating the right conditions to welcome butterflies to your garden.

7 PM - Wednesday, September 15th - Lane Dare

Formal Tranquility - Establishing A Parterre Garden

Three years ago Lane Dare and her husband Jim established a parterre garden at their Norfolk home. They were looking for a garden space that would meet their needs for privacy, tranquility, quiet, and order. The parterre garden is a formal French style garden that incorporates evergreen shrubs in a series of geometric patterns. Perennials, or vegetables are then planted in the center of these patterns. The patterns are connected by brick or stone paths, which usually lead to a central focal feature, such as a fountain, statue, or armillary sphere. Lane takes us through the trials and tribulations of this garden from its initial establishment, maturation, and the changes last year resulting from Hurricane Isabel. Lane is a Norfolk Master Gardener. Most of us know her as the"afternoon drive" hostess on classical radio station WHRO FM 90.3.

Read more about Lane Dare and WHRO here.

7 PM - Wednesday, September 1st - Kent Kilby

Lawn Establishment & Maintenance

Whether you are establishing a new lawn, or looking to maintain and improve your current lawn, now is the time to start the process! That is why we have scheduled master gardener Kent Kilby to present this class at this time of year.

Kent's program will expertly guide you past the pitfalls of turf grass selection, proper planting, fertilization & watering, as well as weed control. After completing this class you can have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood! Just be sure to tell your envious neighbors that you learned your secrets at the Fred Heutte Center.

7 PM - Wednesday, August 25th - Janet Hong

Janet Hong Speaks on Daylilies, August 25th

The Growing of and Caring for Daylilies!

Join Chesapeake daylily expert extraordinaire, Janet Hong for a session all about daylilies!

Wednesday, July 28th - Barbara Brawley

Container Gardening: Arranging Herbs to Create the Complete Herb Garden

Join Barbara as she demonstrates how to design aesthetic arrangements of pots and containers to produce the consumate herb garden. As she will work with different sizes of planters, you will quickly learn that a successful herb garden goes not have to be huge! And there's a good chance a lucky participant will take home a design, perhaps two!

Wednesday, July 21st
Board Member & RHS Member Bill Smoot

English Garden Series: Wonderful Wisley!

    If you can only visit one garden on a British garden tour, it has to be Wisley! After all it IS the home of the Royal Horticultural Society! Britain's best loved garden- with over 240 acres- offers a fascinating blend of the beautiful with the practical, as well as innovative designs and the teaching about proper cultivation. It also holds the national collections of over ten plant groups.

    Wisley stimulates the senses with its richly planted herbaceous perennial borders, luscious rose gardens, the exotic greenhouses, and its trial fields. Any gardening specialty or interest can be enjoyed at Wisley. In the past three years Bill Smoot has made three trips to Wisley. Join him as he shares this mecca for garden-lovers with Tidewater gardeners.

Wednesday, July 14th - Board Member Ron Brown

Rob Brown, MAster Gardener, Board Member

Successfully Growing Citrus and Other Tropical Plants Outdoors in Norfolk

Learn how to successfully grow your own Meyer's lemons and Owari mandarins in Norfolk - outdoors! Norfolk Master Gardener, Ron Brown, will provide information on growing and winter protection techniques for varieties that can do well here. He's loaded with sources of plants and other information!

Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Mr. Richardson Conducts 02/08/04 Workshop & Lecture

2 - 4 PM
Winter Care & Pruning of Trees
with Oscar Richardson

Sally Simon, Director, and Bill Smoot, Programs Chair, at the Fred Heutte Center invite you to join them for the next urban gardener lecture / workshop, "Winter Care & Pruning of Trees" with Oscar Richardson, President of Arboricultural Consulting Services located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

At this lecture and demonstration, Mr. Richardson will provide you with information on the proper methods of care for your ornamental trees with emphasis on pruning. Weather permitting, part of the workship will be conducted out-of-doors.

What an excellent time of year this is to learn about winter care and pruning- now and later - of your trees!

The class is free for our foundation members and Master Gardeners. The cost for non-members is $5.00. Reservations are important to us. Please call 757.441.2513 to register. If you are greeted by the answering machine, please leave your name(s) of attendees and your telephone number. Thank you.

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